Tornerie Saleri Vitale


Saleri Vitale machinery allow to work brass bars with diameter from 8 mm. up to 65 mm. The multi spindle lathes reach diameters up to 25 mm. and the CNC lathes are 4 axis + Y-axis with two spinles for a bar passage of 65 mm and maximum turning diameter of 250 mm. We are able to fulfill orders of both small and large production series. Recently a new Buffoli Trans-bar CNC machine has been acquired. The CNC transfer machine has 10 axial units + 2 radial units; it reaches four times the productivity of a multi-spindle lathe. Complex brass parts can be machined up to 55 mm diameter for ordinary-high/high quantities. Before the delivery the machined parts are carefully washed by our own washing plant conform to the severe ecological law.


Inside view of Torneria Saleri Vitale di Saleri Francesco at Lumezzane in provincia of Brescia cnc machinery by Saleri Vitale